Hazel Low

Hazel is part of Prayer Workshop
Hazel Low is a London based Theatre Designer and Illustrator. They are interested in creating work that challenges an audience’s expectations, and design that is intrinsically linked to the performers on stage. As a queer and gender non conforming person, Hazel is invested in creating work with collaborators who also identify as such.

Recent credits include:

As Designer: Belly Up Vault Festival (2020), Men Come Second Barons Court Theatre (2019), Memories Lyric Hammersmith and UK Tour (2019), Feels Lyric Hammersmith (2019), The Great Brain Robbery Presents: Tech Noir Standon Calling Festival (2018), An Exhibition in First Impressions The Place (2017), Delorean Assembly Rooms at Edinburgh Fringe (2017).

As Assistant Designer: Thirst Trap (2021), Trainers: Or The Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere Of This Most Disagreeable Season The Gate (2020).

As Associate Designer: The Little Prince Clapham Omnibus (2019).