Erin C. Guan

Erin is part of Prayer Workshop
Erin is a London-based set and costume designer and interactive installation designer from China. She has a strong interest in interdisciplinary theatre and performance making and she works across installations, plays, musicals, dance, digital theatre, devised theatre. Erin’s digital artwork specialises in digital art Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. Her VR installations Chamber404 is exhibited in Ars Electronica 2020 x Interactive Architecture Lab, Bartlett School of Architecture. Her recent theatre projects include, The House Never Wins (Kill The Cat Theatre), Freedom Hi, Asian Pirate Musical (PaperGang Theatre), devising interactive performance Money Funny Sunny (Cheeky Chin TC), touring musical Tokyo Rose (Burnt Lemon Theatre). She has also worked as an assistant designer to on Faces In The Crowd (Gate Theatre) Does Her Bomb Look Big In This (Soho Theatre), Summer Roll (Park Theatre) and so on.