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Since 2001, the Gate has been renowned for showcasing the talent of emerging theatre designers. This is all thanks to the Jerwood Designers Programme at the Gate - supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.  


If you would like to work as a Designer on a Gate production, then please introduce yourself to us. Invite us to see your work, or talk to Anthony Simpson-Pike (our Associate Director) to find out more about what we're looking for. associate@gatetheatre.co.uk

Design Assistants

The Gate also recruits a Design Assistant for each of our in-house productions. For this role, we are looking for designers at the early stages of their careers who would like to gain experience by assisting Designers at the Gate. Each Design Assistant will be paid a fee for their work and will be expected to commit to the production they are attached to.
Please invite us to see your work and check our website for any opportunities. 
"Getting a glimpse into how someone much further ahead in their career deals with things and handles whatever any particular production throws at you was a very valuable experience, and a very rare one at that. Being in the rehearsal room and, indeed, being able to spend time in the industry I am aiming to make mine, is a blessing and more opportunities like this should be made available. The people I encountered at the Gate were all hugely talented, creative and generous with their time."

Petra Hjortsberg - Design Assistant on Purple Heart, 2013